Welcome to Reed Property Management Services

Welcome to Reed Property Management Services
Having personally been a tenant in New York City and New Jersey, a homeowner in both Virginia and Florida and with over 25 years of professional property management experience under my belt, I bring a unique perspective and different approach to the business of property management.

Growing up in a working-class family, where both my grandmother and mother were very strong-willed, successful businesswomen, my sisters and I learned from a very early age the importance of having an exceptional work ethic. Additionally, the intrinsic value of “working our way up” in our respective fields, thereby learning all aspects of the business, was instilled into us with great enthusiasm.

Building on this foundation of hard work and meritocracy, I began my career as an Assistant Property Manager with AIMCO in 1990 and quickly worked my way up to Head Property Manager. It was during my time at AIMCO that my passion for property management really began to flourish.

The ardor and dedication with which I approached my profession did not go unnoticed; in 1998 we had the honor of being rated “AIMCO’s #1 Property” (beating out nearly 800 other properties across the United States). I endeavored to be at the top of my profession and proceeded to improve my professional credentials via continuing education courses and annual Fair Housing training programs.

I eventually decided to move on from AIMCO and took on a Regional Property Manager position with NIUSA Petersburg, VA. During my time with NIUSA I was responsible for a rather robust portfolio that included 6 separate properties (spread across the states of Indiana and Ohio), scheduled and facilitated staff training event, conducted monthly inspections of each property within my portfolio and over a $2+ million renovation project.

By 2005 I was ready to take my career in property management to the next level and decisively embarked on an exciting, new journey in my professional life. I took the requisite courses, passed the state exams and was proud to become a Licensed Realtor in the State of Florida. I was subsequently brought on as a Realtor and Property Manager for Synergy and Gulf Coast Management Group in Naples, Florida I was promptly named Property Manager for Carrington Property Services with a portfolio consisting of 60+ units in Collier and Lee County. Simultaneously, I was responsible for the day-to-day management of approximately 120-130 residential rentals including, but not limited to, evictions, leasing, advertising, tenant disputes, repair coordination, accounting, funds disbursement, insurance claims and inspections. During my time with Synergy and Gulf Coast Management Group I was consistently rated “#1 in Customer Service” by our clients.

In 2008 I had the opportunity to take the state Real Estate Broker Exam. Upon successfully completing the exam and obtaining my Broker’s License, I was promoted to the dual positions of “Director of Operations” and “Licensed Broker” at the newly-formed Gulf Coast Management Group of Naples, Florida. Having been instrumental in its very inception, I was quickly immersed into essentially every aspect of Gulf Coast Management Group’s business and became responsible for ensuring quality control via human resource education, as well as the hiring, training and evaluation of employees. I also continued to play a vital role in overseeing the operational “big picture” regarding marketing, management and supervision of Gulf Coast Management Group’s existing portfolio, while simultaneously identifying and assisting in the evaluation of new investment opportunities.

The fruits of my labors at Gulf Coast Management Group soon began to speak for themselves in the form of a rapidly expanding portfolio with residential properties all across Southwest Florida. Before long, I (personally) was managing the leasing, advertising, rent collection, insurance claims, inspections, vendor relationships and maintenance issues for 250+ units in Lee and Collier Counties while consistently receiving positive feedback from the property owners that I served!

On a personal note, I’d like to mention that we are a locally-owned and operated family business. Our mother-daughter team firmly believes that the most effective means of working with you (and your family) is to treat you as our neighbors, not just homeowners and tenants; and as our neighbors, we’d love for you to get to know us!

For as long as I can remember, my mother has been extremely active as a volunteer within various church and community groups. Despite the fact that she continually worked full and/or part time, while also attending school and raising her family, she ALWAYS made the act of selfless service to others a priority. She spearheaded a number of charitable programs over the years, aimed at serving various underprivileged and marginalized groups within our community. Even now as a senior, she continues to embody the same resolute spirit of interminable generosity; as recently evidenced by a leg fracture sustained while canvassing the neighborhood, collecting canned goods for our church’s food drive. She continues to stress the importance of civic duty and responsibility to this very day, and we endeavor to incorporate this fundamental value into our business vis-a-vis charitable contributions and acts of community service.

We are regularly contributing members of The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Foundation and proudly support our country’s veterans, as well as all the brave men and women who serve in our military, sacrificing of themselves to protect our freedoms.

Happy Fall!

– Kim Reed


Check back often as we will continue to provide updated and relevant information for both homeowners and tenants. In the near future we will also be taking a look at the history of Naples (and surrounding areas), as well as highlighting various restaurants and other local points of interest.

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