Property Inspection Etiquette

Property Inspection Etiquette
When Reed Property Management performs a property inspection, we’re looking to do two things; protect your investment and make sure the tenants are happy. We generally conduct move-in and move-out inspections, along with yearly, seasonal or quarterly inspections to ensure everything is up to par.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how we conduct ourselves leading up to a property inspection along with the Do’s and Don’ts for both a property management company and tenants.

Professionalism is something we take great pride in here at Reed Property Management. We adhere to inspection timing and notifications. We will always alert the tenant at least 24 hours ahead of time before an inspection. The only exceptions being an emergency or a complaint by the property owner.

The number of property inspections will depend on what the homeowner decides. From the perspective of the homeowner, we understand that it can be a little unsettling to welcome tenants that you’ve had no prior engagement with, live in your investment home.

Maintaining happy homeowners and tenants is a very important goal of ours! To make that a reality, we must communicate the message and contract to the tenants so there is absolutely no confusion when it is time for an inspection. Communication should streamline seamlessly from homeowner to the tenant with Reed Property Management as the mediator.

Do’s and Don’ts (Property Management Company)
YES: Property managers are allowed to drive, walk or ride a bike to inspect the property as often as we like as long as we are not harassing nor disturbing the residents.
NO: We are not allowed to conduct a random property inspection.
YES: Yes, we may schedule multiple inspections a year. Some property managers will schedule quarterly or seasonally, depending on the decision of the homeowner.
NO: Unless specifically allowed by state regulation for circumstances such as an emergency, a property manager may not “stop by” without notice.
YES: A property manager may enter a home unannounced in Florida to help in an emergency.
NO: A property manager may not organize excessive property inspections outside the provisions of the law.
Do’s and Don’ts (Tenant)
NO: A tenant can’t replace the locks without either consent or providing a key for the new lock to their property manager.
YES: A tenant can go on an extended trip, but will be required to inform their property manager and allow access, according to Florida statutes.
NO: A tenant can’t refuse entry to a property manager that has been given appropriate permission.
YES: A tenant may refuse entry to a property manager that has not given appropriate permission.
NO: A tenant that has requested maintenance or a repair can NOT then refuse entry if the landlord complies with Florida notification regulations.

Reed Property Management
At Reed Property Management, we do our part to abide by rules and regulations to respect the privacy of the tenants, while effectively communicating the message of the property owner to eliminate confusion of any sort.

If you’re unhappy with the current company managing your investment properties, give Reed Property Management a call! We’d love to help you get the most out of your rental home!


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