Maintenance Responsibilities for Property Owners and Tenants

Maintenance Responsibilities for Property Owners and Tenants
Have you ever moved into a rental home and it seemed like things weren’t quite up to par with safety regulations? Or maybe you’re a property owner and you’ve had previous tenants that showed blatant disrespect towards your investment home. Neither situation is ideal if the goal is to have a seamless overall experience. Not only do these responsibilities protect both parties, but it’s the law tenant and property owner must comply with.

In this blog, we’ll discuss what these responsibilities are and how a reputable property management company can help.

Property Owner Responsibilities
Before a tenant moves into the rental home, the property owner (property manager) should inspect the home and property to make sure the home is safe and no repairs are necessary before move-in. Florida law specifies that the tenant can not move into a home with dangerous conditions. Oftentimes, the unsafe conditions aren’t apparent to the tenant, so that’s when the property manager provides a thorough inspection to ensure it is a safe living environment. For example, a working smoke detector must be installed prior to the tenancy.

During the tenancy, the property manager and owner must maintain the structural components of the home. Specifically the roof, windows, doors, floors, steps, exterior walls and foundation. Other responsibilities include ensuring the air conditioning, heating and plumbing are functioning properly, the extermination of insects is taken care of, and locks/keys are in working condition.

Tenant Responsibilities
Sometimes, first-time investment property owners are a little wary of letting strangers live in their home. Luckily, they can rely on Florida law to guide the tenant in their maintenance duties:

  • Keep the property clean and sanitary
  • Remove all garbage in a clean manner
  • Use electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning and other appliances in a reasonable manner
  • The tenants and guests must conduct themselves in a manner that does not disturb surrounding neighbors
  • Notify the property management company immediately of any defects, maintenance issues or dangerous conditions
  • It is always in the best interest of the tenant and property owner to go over these responsibilities prior to move-in.

Reed Property Management
To enhance the odds of the property owner and the tenant being happy throughout the duration of the lease, it’s important to demonstrate effective communication. Not only is it important for the property owner and tenant to communicate, but hiring a property management company that takes pride in this is essential. They can help solve issues, relay any messages from the property owner, and respond to tenants if there is anything that needs to be repaired in the rental home.

At Reed Property Management, we fully grasp the importance of following property owner and tenant responsibilities. Whether you’re looking for a home or for someone to manage your investment property, contact us today and we’d be more than happy to assist you!

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